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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on ensuring a mindful, strengthening and holistic yoga practice. We encourage the experience of yoga to be a complete system, both on and off the mat.

At LOFT we honour our asana practice as moving meditation that creates a strong, clear, connected body and mind. 

We focus on the integrity and fluidity of movement through unification with the breath. These movements are initiated by the inhale, allowing us to lift, expand and open, and with every exhalation we move deeper into the experience of being.

Our approach is grounded in the traditional lineages of yoga. We acknowledge all eight limbs of yoga: Yama (ethical disciplines), Niyama (self-observation), Asana (postures), Pranayama (breath control), Pratyahara (sense withdrawal), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (a blissful state of joy and peace).

Our vibe is laid-back, open, friendly and positive. Our goal is to foster an empowered, healthy and mindful community.

We welcome beginners, right through to the most experienced yogi.

Class Offerings



Dynamic. Energetic. Strengthening. 

This class combines the flowing style of Vinyasa ('movement with breath') combining a series of strong and powerful postures with the perfect balance of held poses and floor work this class is truly an all encompassing mind/body discipline. Each Vinyasa Flow class targets physical strength and flexibility, layered with a focus on discipline and mental focus.

While maintaining a clear attention on alignment and breath awareness, these classes build internal heat and aid in detoxifying the body. Energising and nourishing, Vinyasa Flow will increase physical and mental discipline. 

Vinyasa Flow is truly for all levels of yogis as modifications and advancements are offered throughout the entire class. 


Mindful. Cathartic, Fluid.

Step into a sanctuary of serenity with our Slow Flow Yoga class, designed to harmonise breath with movement in a gentle and deliberate manner.


Guided by the rhythm of your breath, this class offers a mindful exploration of yoga postures, allowing ample time for each movement to unfold with grace and intention. Whether you're new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you'll find space to connect with your body, mind, and spirit as you gracefully transition from one pose to the next.



Relaxing. Passive. Nuturing.

Welcome to our Yin Yoga class, where we invite you to journey inward and find stillness within the depths of your being. In this serene and introspective practice, we focus on gentle, sustained postures that target the connective tissues of the body, promoting flexibility and releasing tension.


Through mindful breathing and relaxation techniques, you'll cultivate a sense of calm and inner peace, allowing for deep physical and emotional release. Suitable for all levels, this class offers a sanctuary for self-discovery and rejuvenation, leaving you feeling nourished, balanced, and refreshed. 



Simple. Spacious. Supportive.

This foundational Vinyasa ('movement with breath') class is designed with our newer students in mind. Students will be guided through a flow that builds on breath work, correct and safe alignment, and the simple principles of yoga.

You will improve your strength and flexibility and, of course, cultivate mindfulness and presence. 

Our community enjoy finding their feet in Beginners Flow before jumping into our more fluid Vinyasa Flow classes. 




At LOFT we offer a deep dive course into Meditation. This course runs over 3 consecutive days, for around an hour a day depending on the size of the group.

The 1st day begins with sharing what has led us to want to learn meditate, from there we learn the technique and are given guidelines so you can go home and practice the technique by yourselves.

Day 2, we then share that experience and meditate together once again. I will then share with you all the medically proven benefits of this incredible ancient practice. We will also take a look at stress in all its forms. To finish off I will give you tips of how to make your meditation practice a twice daily habit for the rest of your lives.

The final day we again share our home experience and practice a group meditation all together. From here we go into detail on the idea of 'being', which we all should have experienced in some form by day 3 of the course.


The course costs $250 and you get to take home a huge amount of rescources and information on all things meditation, plus my support to keep up the practice for the next 60 days.


Group meditations are held multiple times a week for a gold coin donation to our chosen charity.

Email or call for more information.

0411 444 402

Our Teachers

Bec Hoffmann

Bec's flirtation with yoga started over 15 years ago. Initially drawn to a sweaty, intense practice. Over the years her practice evolved to self transformation and the coming back to presence. Yoga is all about connection. In her classes she aims to create a light-hearted and inclusive environment where all are encouraged to explore their physical and non-physical selves. Bec's classes are both strong and nurturing, offering plenty of opportunities for challenging postures. She invites you to tune into your own unique experience and expression of the practice.

Bec is also trained in meditation and will often invite her students to stay a little longer at the end of class to enjoy the benefits of this practice. Once a month she will hold a 3 day intense course in meditation. She is an avid learner. This eternal journey of building knowledge is such a compliment to her love of asana and deep immense connection to life and all its wonders.


Nicole Horochoski

Nicole is a Brazilian woman, spiritual and connected to Nature in all its forms.

Her interest in body movement, energy flow, and mind mastering started when she was young; starting meditating in a Buddhist temple when she was about twelve.


She discovered her passion for Yoga when she migrated to Australia, where she started practising online until finding her Yoga tribe. Mixing meditation and Yoga, she decided to take a step further and challenge herself with a ten days silence meditation course.


From that day, she understood that Yoga, Meditation and breathwork were part of her journey in this life. 


She then became a Prana coach and a Yoga Teacher and decided to take this enlighted path to connect and support people through it.


She believes that we can shape energy and, consequently, reality through the applicated knowledge given by ancient traditions.

Martina Mendiverri

Martina came to yoga after an unexpected head injury whilst training acrobatics, which required her to slow down and explore a new movement practice while she healed. Yoga had always been a distant calling card for many years for her, but with an unwavering focus to train hard at her career path, she struggled to find the time to prioritise a mindfulness practice as much as her external ambitions (a familiar struggle for many). As burnout rapidly became a daily state of being, life eventually forced her to slow down via her concussion and guided her back to a path of balance and care of the internal self, which she found through Vinyasa. 


Incorporating a regular asana practice into her life developed not only a level of strength and mobility that her acrobatic training alone was missing, but perhaps more importantly, a deepened state of interoception (mind-body connection) and nervous system regulation. A level of awareness and a tool, she believes, that is of extraordinary value to all, no matter your background. 


Encouraging a curious and explorative approach to the ever evolving journey of movement and connection to the self, Martina aims to help her students develop a deeper level of strength and trust in both their bodies and mind.


Bringing a love for self-development and movement with a heavy emphasis on anatomy and neuroscience, expect a challenging class that intertwines these passions.


Tiffany van Erp

Tiffany is a passionate yoga teacher from the Netherlands. Her yoga journey began when she was captivated by a group of people practicing yoga on the beach in Italy. This mesmerizing image sparked a deep curiosity for yoga philosophy and its perspectives on life, paving the way for her remarkable journey towards becoming a yoga teacher.


Her passion for yoga goes beyond the physical practice; she is excited about the exploration of connecting to your inner self. Mindfulness, breathwork, and movement come togetherharmoniously in Tiffany's classes, offering a holistic experience for students of all levels. 


Tiffany teaches a variety of classes, including hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga. Her style of teaching has been described as grounding and she creates a warm & welcoming environment for her students. She invites you to take a moment to pause, breathe and gift yourself the time for self-care on the mat.

Steven Cutts

Steve have been practicing yoga for about 4 years after going to a retreat in Nepal during 2020. Over this period he has learnt so much about his own body and the vitality that came from incorporating these practices into his life daily. 


His passion for yoga also stemmed from an interest in all aspects of the mind which led me to studying psychology at university. His training in Yoga Teaching sparked a big interest in anatomy and philosophy. 


His teachings aim to offer you strong dynamic movements with a sense of fluidity throughout the entire practice. These elements of āsana will always be intertwined with pranayama, ancient wisdom and playfulness. 


Bailie Sauerwald

Bailie has been practicing yoga for about 3 years now, she was introduced to yoga by a friend and fell in love the practice straight away.

Bailie grew up in a World of dance and since then never really found a physical practice that she enjoyed doing everyday. Yoga filled that void, and now she can not get enough. It is not just the physical aspect that she loves but the mental clarity and meditative benefits of yoga that really have her hooked.

It sparked a deeper interested in her. It is this deeper knowledge of bringing life into the present moment that Bailie hopes to share with all her clients. It is through sharing this knowledge Bailie has found a big love for teaching.


Bailie loves strong holds complimented with the flow of vinyasa , add her beautiful energy and you have an incredibly uplifting class. She loves working with breath and feeling into the body to give it what it needs. Her YTT has recently sparked an interest in Chinese Medicine, which she also enjoys entwining into both her Vinyasa and Yin classes.

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